Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My 3 day learning through an Art of Hosting training

My 3 day learning through an Art of Hosting training

In March 2008, I was at a 3 day training by the Belgian AoH community .

At the end of the training, when everyone thought it was the final moment of farewell, I stood up and presented to those present, my overview of three days of learning. This is that presentation.

I like to share it with you as I did with those present at that moment. Because if you are somewhat like me.. always curious, yet a little reserved when it comes to new age elements, somewhat symbolical gatherings and celebration of community.. well, you have to read this further. I also view theories as exercises for the mind, not as initiation to wisdom.. I put questions marks behind every belief that is not been “lived” by the person expressing that belief.

In my professional life, I’m in HR, and I’m not a trainer, nor a guru. So please, accept this as the framework wherein I started my 3 day evolution . Feel free to comment.

I can assure you : since march 2008 I’ve put a lot of question marks behind my old beliefs.


Me myself as starting point

About “my” space here

My dialogue

My conclusion for the next day



I’m 60 yrs old now. Yet, I still want to learn, to find my no end, the meaning of my still being

I’m just coming to this as a scout..with caution and reserve

AoH is not the environment I am in real life, it is artificial, so this is just a quest to satisfy my curiosity, and to meet some friends who draw my attention to this event

Day 1

This is a quite unique setting: in a park, people coming from everywhere in Europe, a mix of trainers, students, believers and prospectors like me

This space is too spacious: chaos is not my thing

I do not feel at home here.; this is not well structured, I do not get the whole overviewed

I’m not alone is these feelings. Just staying here, is maybe no cure for anything, but at least, here I can be who I am

Day 2

Continuing to see AoH as an artificial environment is creating myself a barrier to my learning, the learning I was prospecting for

This new space to me can be one actively used by me also

How can I use in my way of being the power and the energy behind the technique and the symbolism in“irimi” (opening in aikido) . This is about taking in and using the energy present in my everyday environment

My wicked questions will lead me to what I really want

Day 3 a.m .

I can not not –breathe.

All space is available to act, so why not act? It is even a comfort to have so much space. This huge space becomes a real discomfort when I do not see and feel that in that huge space, there is always a place with a ticket for me. An dit is only by acting that I can tap and find the boost of the energy in it.

Speaking to others is also to be meant to hear and understand them .

We are all our lives like fishes in a bowl, so do not worry about the water of life.

There is no chaos, it is always about change. Do not feel limited, unless you want to be limited.

Rethink my earlier thoughts about my ways to learn.

Day 3


We all can act in this space.. this has room and a place for all of us.

Complexity needs simplicity. I can bring in and be this simplicity.

My nest call .. is/was present

I know for now: do not bother thinking to be copying myself...more than ever, I know I ‘m in evolution, and aware that each experience with change has teached me something, and continues teaching me

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jackie said...

You say you are a reserved man, yet knowing you and how you write - and an example of it is so clearly here - you are a man of great thought. I have read your thoughts on the AoH training several time, now, and find them inspiring....I will be thinking of some of the feelings you share here and how the resonate with me because I find them quite intelligent and deep. Please keep writing....